Does putting whiskey in a decanter ruin it?
How to

Does putting whiskey in a decanter ruin it?

Decanting whiskey sounds absolutely one of the best ways of making the experience more sophisticated. But is decanting actually good for whisky? Or can whisky be stored in a decanter for a long time? Here is a short guide for whisky lovers.

Is it possible for whiskey to go bad?

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, whisky is a tough one that it does not spoil that fast. Unopened whiskey can last for over a century. Whiskey will last around 1-3 years if opened and half full but if there’s only a quarter of the bottle left, you’ll want to complete it within the next 3-6 months.

In a decanter, how long can whiskey be stored?

If you choose to drink your whiskey from a decanter, you can keep the leftover whiskey overnight but must consume it the next day. However, air must be kept away with an airtight stopper during this period since it may increase the speed of the oxidation process.

How can you properly decant whiskey?

It is best to decant only the proper amount plus two servings on top of your predicted consumption for a single setting because decanting more than this may cause an excess amount of whiskey in a decanter and the whiskey should not be stored in the decanter for long.

Why should you decant whiskey?

Decanting is primarily decorative in whiskey. Pouring whiskey from a crystal decanter may sound classy if you like those ‘60s movie aesthetics. So yes, it increases the apparent value but it does not make the taste better.

In conclusion,

When stored properly, unopened whiskey can live well over a century so it is safe to keep it in a bottle for a long time. If your bottle is opened and half full, whiskey will survive roughly 1-3 years. If there’s only 25% of the whiskey left, you’re good to go.

Since it is inevitable to open the bottle before pouring it into the decanter, it is important to consume it in days if you choose to decant your whisky. Because it starts to lose change its profile when exposed to air.

In a decanter, how long can whisky sit?
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