How to varnish kitchen worktop
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2 EASY WAY How to varnish kitchen worktop?

If you are looking for the answer to how to varnish kitchen worktop, then check out Kitchen Besty’s steps below.

Kitchen worktops are a natural, basic and elegant style that will never go out of fashion. Kitchen worktops not only look fantastic, but they can also be extremely robust as well. Moreover, kitchen worktops last for a lifetime when looked after and are less likely to get fractured or destroyed.

It’s important to take care of your kitchen countertops. Both liquids and bacteria that come into contact with your surfaces will penetrate into the wood without treatment, causing the decoloration of the wood and an unhygienic atmosphere where bacteria can propagate.
To protect your kitchen worktops, you can use oils or acrylic varnish to make them water-resistant and a cleaner surface overall that will last for years.

How to varnish kitchen worktop
How to varnish kitchen worktop?

Using Acrylic Varnish for kitchen worktops

The Kitchen Besty team recommends that using acrylic varnish is the best choice for better kitchen worktops. In particular, we suggest using Spar varnish, which is used to protect objects such as wooden vessels, yachts, decks, and beach chairs that are close to the sea. If it’s good enough to keep water off yachts, It should be perfect for kitchen worktops.
Oil is better absorbed into the wood compared with acrylic. However, since it appears to darken the wood, taking away its natural color, we suggest staying away from oil-based varnish.

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No matter what you want, by fully removing any current varnish, waxes, stains, or oils before application, you will get the most out of your wooden worktop. When removed, make sure the surface is completely clear of dust and dirt to give the work surface the smooth and luxurious finish it deserves.

Acrylic varnishes are typically water-based treatments that give your wooden worktops a water-resistant and hard-wearing finish. Acyclic varnishes, which usually last longer than oil finishes, are easier to clean and do not need to be re-applied as much, making it easier to preserve the surfaces.
Acyclic varnishes are quickly applied with a brush or a roller to have a smooth finish, giving off no fumes. Acyclic varnish is also almost completely clear, meaning that in the process the wood does not get decolored or darkened. Also, the varnish has good UV resistance, meaning that the work surfaces are not harmed when the sun shines through.

How to paint a kitchen worktop over varnish?

You can paint over the top of the kitchen worktop if your varnish does not flake and is in good shape. This is especially helpful if you just want to adjust the varnish color. However, if you use a contrasting color, it will ensure that you have a better and more detailed color by removing the old varnish.


Scrub the surface of the kitchen worktop

To get rid of any lodged dirt and dust, you first need to clean the timber. To do this, you can either use warm soapy water or a household cleaner. You should remove any fixings (such as handles) that can get in the way of your color.

Apply the primer

The primer will make the final coats of paint adhere better when you paint over varnish, which will provide you with a permanent, even finish. You can buy DecoArt DS17-9 Dads17-9 Multi-Purpose Primer.

Can you use oil for kitchen worktops to varnish?

Because of potential food touch, this gets into a strange field, so the best answer is still possibly non-toxic, no chemicals, mineral oil.
That being said, you can add the best renewable finish to oil. To avoid water damage, it penetrates deeply into the wood, instead of having a thin film on the surface, as many other finishes do. Without having to sand it down entirely, you can refresh it regularly – simply clean the surface thoroughly, sand down any rough spots and re-coat until you get the perfect degree of shine.


Varnish brings out the wood’s natural appearance while preserving it from scrapes and scratches. But over time, some begin to yellow and ruin the appearance of your wood. You can quickly remove the varnish and reapply it if you notice that something has happened to your kitchen worktop by using acrylic varnish.

How to varnish kitchen worktop?
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