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Labor cost to paint kitchen cabinets
How to

Learn 6 TYPES of Labor cost to paint kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets cost $30 to $100 per hour on average, with a national average of $55 per hour. The majority of the cost of painting or repainting kitchen cabinets would come from labor.
A professionally decorated kitchen with 300 square feet of cabinet space would cost between $850 and $2,000. The overall cost can vary depending on your venue, the contractor you hire, and the project’s complexity.

The preparation process for older cabinets with a lot of wear and tear can be time-consuming. When determining how much to charge to paint kitchen cabinets, contractors will factor in the planning process.
Some projects, on the other hand, require very little preparation. Companies that paint kitchen cabinets may charge $2 to $3 per square foot rather than a higher hourly rate because these jobs are relatively simple.

How much it costs to have cabinets painted? Labor cost to paint kitchen cabinets

So, what exactly is the cost difference between painting your cabinets yourself and getting them professionally painted? It all comes down to the extra services that drive up the price, which is easy to understand in the case of painting kitchen cabinets. These are the factors that will influence the cost of having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted.

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• Paint quality – This is important regardless of which route you take, but a skilled painter would almost certainly insist on a higher-quality paint. If you’re getting your kitchen cabinets painted, a fire retardant paint would almost certainly be recommended.
• Cabinet condition – Since prep work is factored into the price, you can end up paying more depending on the state of your kitchen cabinets.
• Layout – If your kitchen has a complicated design that necessitates more time to properly paint the cabinets, you will almost certainly be paid for the extra time.
• Where you reside – The city you live in can have a significant effect on the rate, as contractors in more affluent areas tend to charge more.
• Appliance removal – As part of their preparation work, skilled painters can remove any related appliances, but this will incur extra labor costs.

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How to calculate kitchen cabinet paint cost?

Labor cost to paint kitchen cabinets

Select a side to begin with. Use your favorite measurement tool, determine the cabinet’s height (from top to bottom). Make a note of the number. Using your favorite measurement tool, determine the cabinet’s width (from left to right). Make a note of the number. To calculate the square footage, multiply the height by the width. Repeat steps for the remaining sides that are available. Add up all of the numbers to get the cabinet’s total square footage. Repeat steps 1–9 for any new cabinets that need to be painted. To figure out how much paint you’ll need, multiply the total square footage by 400. (the square footage a one gallon can of paint can cover). The amount of paint cans you’ll need to buy is the key. Lastly, multiply the number of cans needed by the cost of the paint you’ve chosen.

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Labor cost to paint kitchen cabinets

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