Kai 6715D – Kai Wasabi Knife

Kai 6715D – Kai Wasabi Knife Review

Japanese chefs are very picky with their professional knives. They use different knives for different purposes. Here we will talk about the enormous use of the Kai Wasabi Black Deb knife.

Deb’s knife is mainly used for the production of fish fillets. He also cut several herbs. With this knife, you can make a very thin slice of vegetables. You can cut the fish into bones and fillet thinly. Fishing enthusiasts will love the Kai Deba knife.

Deba’s traditional knife is a disposable one. In Europe, the knife is sharp on both sides. I’ll explain the one-sided bevel to you clearly. Most of Deb’s knives sharpened one side of the blade. The other one stays flat. The edge of 13 degrees is very sharp, so the fish can be cut smoothly.

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Let’s take a closer look at Kai Wasabi’s knife overview:
If you look at this knife, you’ll see two things. One is a blade, the other a handle. We all know that the steel part is called the blade and the wooden or plastic part is called the handle.

The blade of the Kai Wasabi Black Deb knife is made of 1k6 high carbon stainless steel. The surface of the leaf is treated with beads.

It is shiny and has a certain resistance to dust and chemical particles. The angle is 16 degrees. 16 degrees means the edge is very sharp. The blade is sharp and pointed. The length of the blade is 6 inches and the maximum width is 1.8 inches. This is a handmade blade and a clear influence of the traditional Japanese knife culture.


Kitchen knives are used regularly and cook work with them throughout the day. So it’s very important whether they feel comfortable or not. Comfort depends on the blade and handle. The blade is made of high-grade steel and guarantees the comfort of the blade.

We will now talk about the most important part of the Kai-Wasabi knife statue, yes, it is the handle of the knife. The knife has a rounded ebony handle. The Pakkawood handle makes the knife easy to use.

The packcavood is made of wood mixed with synthetic resin. The resin made the wood strong and hard. The handle is waterproof. It doesn’t absorb moisture. No chance of sliding off your arm while you’re working.

All mechanical and electrical tools must be properly maintained. It’s the same as a kitchen knife. Good care guarantees the durability of your knife. You should wash the knife with your hands when you have finished working. Air dry. The dishwasher boy says you have to wash it by hand.


Do not store the knife together with other iron tools, chemicals, salts, etc. Keep them separate. Using a knife holder is highly suggested. Check Rates for Amazon before buying.

• It’s a good choice for cooking fish fillets.
• With this knife from Kai Deb you can make a thinner slice of vegetables.
• The price of the knife is reasonable.
• The 16-degree edge ensures that the knife is sufficiently sharp.
• The Pakkawood handle holds you comfortably in your hand.

• Simpler blade design than any other traditional Japanese knife.
• The knife isn’t full of tangents.
• It’s not a utility knife.

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