Yaxell Super Gou, Mon Knife Revival Set Reviews

Have you ever touched a Japanese knife with your bare hands? If you don’t know, you don’t know what real art is. The Japanese knifemakers made a work of art out of a kitchen knife.

Each authentic Japanese knife represents the centuries-old culture of Japanese sword making, the heritage of the samurai. Nowadays they produce a lot of knives with a great variety. You must see a lot of cheap Japanese knives. But today we will talk about high quality Japanese knives from a very well-known manufacturer, Yaxell.

In Japan, the city of Sheki is the most important city for the production of knives. You can’t imagine how many years of cutlery history there is in the city of Seki? That was 780 years ago, when the production of knives began in the city of Secchi. A swordsman named Motoshige moved from Kyushu to Seki and started making katana.

Yaxell Super Gou 7 Piece Acacia Slim Knife Block Set - Made...
  • Set Includes: 3.25" Paring Knife, 6" Utility Knife, 6.5" Hollow Edge Santoku Knife, 8" Chef's Knife, 9" Bread Knife, Stainless Steel Take-Apart Kitchen Shears & 6 Slot Acacia Slim Knife Block
  • Constructed of Japanese SG2 Micro Carbide powder stainless steel; Japanese kanji is hand engraved on the blade; 63 Rockwell Hardness
  • Core features 80 layers of alternating soft and hard stainless steel on each side with a total of 161 layers

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Like all other renowned Japanese knife manufacturers, Yaxell is based in the city of Sheki. Can you ask me why the city of Secchi? To make a Japanese knife, you need four essential things. Steel, coal, water and soil. All these things are of course available in the city of Sequi. That’s why the city of Secchi is important.

In 1876, the government forbade people to carry arms. Then the swordsmen start forging little knives and scissors. Yaxell found a swordsman and started making knives. They founded their company in 1932. He didn’t have a name back then. The company was appointed in 1947. His name was Yamada, Mfg cutlery. & Co. The company name Yaxell was introduced in 1992. Enough with the story. Now let’s talk about the Jacksell Corporation knives. Jaxell essentially produced eight types of knives. Actually, they’re not boys. We could call it a series. Super-gu, Gou, Ran, Zen, Sayaka, Tsutsimon, Mon and Yukari are the series. All these knives are made for professional use.

Yaxell Super Gou Chef’s Knife Review

If you are considering buying the perfect Japanese knife for your chef, the Yaxell, over 80 years old, offers you many possibilities. The Yaxell Super Gou chef’s knife is one of the newest and strongest knives from Chef Yaxell, formerly known as Yamada cutlery mfg and Co. People who need a high-quality knife for professional kitchens love it.

Features and benefits of the Yaxell Super-Gow Chefknife

  • It’s an eight-inch knife. The size is very handy as a knife for a cook.
  • The core of the blade is made of super strong microcarbide steel called SG2. The quality of the steel has made the Super Guffe knife an excellent knife.
  • Like any other Japanese flagship knife, the heart of the blade consists of 80 layers on each side. There are a total of 161 layers. These layers made the leaf so strong.
  • The Yaxell Super Gou cook’s knife is corrosion resistant and will last a long time without compromising performance.
  • Yaxell offers warranty services. So there’s nothing to worry about.

Why you should buy Yaxell Super Gou

  • Extremely hard and extremely strong.
  • Very sharp cutting edge.
  • Simple sharpening.
  • Handle in black and red micro linen, hand polished.
  • Guaranteed materials. No chance of faulty products.
  • This is a real Japanese knife.


No one can find a problem with this excellent piece of steel. All we can say is that the price is a bit exaggerated.

Editorial comments

I always say that everyone has a choice and doesn’t need the same product. This is a professional chef’s knife of very high quality. If you are a professional chef or if you want professional knives in your kitchen, the Yaxell Super Gourmet knife is the perfect choice. I personally consider it one of the great knives of our time. The comfortable size and surprisingly balanced design make this knife an excellent choice among all other Japanese knives. Yaxell always brings first-class, impeccable knives, and the Super Chef’s knife is no different.

Yaxell Gou 8 inches
dressed in 101 layers cook’s knife revue

The Yaxell Gou series has proven the exceptional craftsmanship of the Yaxell craftsmen. The damask pattern of the silver blade not only enhances its beauty, but also makes the blade super-hard and durable. Like all traditional Japanese knives, this gourmet knife is completely handmade. Traditional forging techniques are used by Yaksel knifemakers.

Yaxell Gou 101 cook’s knife

Features and Benefits of the 8 Chef Yaxell Gou Knife

  • An 8 inch blade that is the most comfortable size of a chef’s knife. This size is ideal for a utility knife.
  • SG-2 high-grade carbon steel with 101 layers.
  • The blade is corrosion resistant.
  • So long strong.
  • The damask pattern on the surface of the leaf is the most important visible sign of the leaf.
  • This knife has a black handle like my card. It is made of resin and linen. The clutch is excellent. Three stainless steel rivets are used to attach the handle of a full-grain knife.
  • There’s a steel cap on the underside of the knife. The name of the brand is engraved on it.


  • Extremely hard steel.
  • Super sharp edge.
  • Grinding is easy.
  • A simple silver blade.
  • Black canvas with a high gloss polished handle made of linen mycartes.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • A product of a very reliable manufacturer.


Yaxell Super Gou, Mon Knife Revival Set Reviews
Yaxell Super Gou, Mon Knife Revival Set Reviews

This knife needs special care. (We strongly advise you to wash your hands. Wipe it off before you go to the store. You must use the knife block to store this knife because of its deadly sharpness.


When you talk about a multifunctional knife from a very reputable company, all the positive things come to mind. It’s a professional knife. A knife like that in your own kitchen would be a matter of prestige.

Set of 6 Yaxell Monknives – Made in Japan – VG10 stainless steel knife withblock in fine dark ash wood.

If you need several knives for different applications in the kitchen, you need knife sets. This is a set of 6 knives, including 5 main knives and a nice knife block made of dark ash for common storage. This set of knives is from the Yaxell Mon series. It’s a bit of a thrifty show.

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