Yoshihiro Blue Steel-The Best Japanese Deba Knife

Maybe you caught a big catfish to fish somewhere nearby or bought a nice big bluefin tuna at a fish market. But then you think about how you want to use it to cook and store.

Here I bought custom-made kitchen knives to solve this problem. Let me introduce you to one of Deb’s finest Japanese knives, specially designed for fish fillets.  Yes, this is Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Blue Deba Steel Japanese Phillet Knife. This is one of the best Japanese Deb knives you’ve ever had.

Yoshihiro Hongasumi Blue Steel #2 Deba Fish Fillet Knife (6"...
  • Our handmade Yoshihiro Hongasumi knives are crafted with extraordinary skill by our master artisans to create high quality knives that are indispensable in their craftsmanship and performance. Blue Steel #2 with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 63 to 64, is forged with iron to create beautiful mist patterns, and an emphasis is placed on refined forging and polishing with the highest attention to detail.
  • The Deba is a heavy knife used to filet whole fish and cut through the cartilage and bones of fish. The heft of the Deba knife allows it to cut through the heads and bones of a fish, and its smaller pointed tip filets the flesh from the bones. The Deba can used be for chicken and meat but is not recommended for cutting through large bones. The Deba knife is one of the most essential of traditional Japanese knives and is a powerful component in the repertoire of many chefs.
  • Handcrafted in Japan with traditional techniques, our Deba has a completely flat grind on the front side (Shinogi), a concave grind (Urasuki), and a flat rim (Uraoshi) on the back. The combination of the Urasuki and Shinogi allow for the blade to cut food with minimal damage to the surface and cells, therefore not spoiling the texture and taste. The Uraoshi is the thin, flat rim that surrounds the Urasuki and enhances the strength of the blade at its otherwise vulnerable edges.

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One of the most traditional knives in the history of Japanese knives is the Deba. As we all know, the Japanese have a strong preference for seafood. With their food tradition, they also maintain their necessary tradition of sharp instruments. Deba’s Japanese knife is one of them. The Deba knife (sharp knife for containment) is actually intended for fish fillets, but is also used for cutting meat.

The selected knives will be left behind for the screening of the film Knives by the Japanese chef Aonamiuchi Deba in high carbon blue steel, handmade with the exceptional know-how of a master cutlery maker from Yoshihiro.

It’s high carbon blue steel, with a single bevel and of the highest quality, and Deb’s knife will cut fish or meat so fine you can’t even imagine it. When you cut something with this knife, you feel like you’re doing a serious job.

Yoshihiro Blue Steel – Best Deba japanese knife Detail


You’re thinking blue steel! What’s that? It’s the blue of steel or something. No, it’s not really blue steel. When carbon steel that has been wrapped in blue paper for decades for special purposes is called blue steel. It is also called Ao-Ichi-Ko steel or Aogami 1, which in Japan means NO.1 steel.

With regard to Aogham super steel, blue steel consists of carbon: 1.40 – 1.50%, tungsten: 2.00 – 2.50%, vanadium: 30 – 0.50%, chromium: 0.30 – 0.50%, molybdenum: .30 – .50%, manganese: .20 – .30%, phosphorus: 0.025%, sulfur: .004%, silicon: .10 – .20% is the most popular carbon steel among Japanese knife manufacturers. In principle, this blue steel is popular because of the high quality of the edge resistance.  

Thanks to its metallic properties, it can be sharpened very easily, even at 65 HRC, and retains this sharpness for a surprisingly long time. This is a 180 mm one-stage knife that is suitable for filleting and hammering whole fish, regardless of size. The density of this deba helps to separate the head of the fish from its body. It can also use slices of chicken or meat, but it is not recommended to cut large, heavy bones, because it is a kind of custom kitchen knife.

Yoshihiro Blue Steel-The Best Japanese Deba Knife

Handle – Yoshihiro Blue Steel

High carbon blue steel handle Aonamiuchi Deba Japanese knife, traditionally handmade with Japanese style yew. Moreover, the door of the water buffalo horn adds another dimension to this knife. It’s rusty and waterproof. The best advantage of a wooden handle is that it does not slip. So it’s very dangerous, but this great yew handle makes users so confident.

Design and Beauty – Yoshihiro Blue Steel

From small sardines to 400 pounds of bluefin tuna, the Yoshihiro Blue Steel Best Japanese Deba Knife is designed to be cut, filleted and even cut like sushi paper. The only advantage is that it does the work. The wrought iron blade creates a nice wave on the blade. The knife also comes with a protective wooden bowl called Saya. This gives an extra impression when the knife is not used as a Japanese sword.

Characteristics – Yoshihiro Blue Steel

  • The knife: Deb’s Style (kitchen knife to order)
  • Cool: Aonamiuchi
  • The equipment: Blue high carbon steel #1
  • HRC: 64
  • The corner of the edge: Uniform
  • Upholstery material : Buffalo horn (colour change)
  • The shape of the pen: Octagonal
  • Saya carpet: Magnolia
  • Material to be transformed: As
  • Resistant to stains: No
  • Origin: Made in Japan.


  • The best chef’s knife for fish fillets.
  • A single blade that is sharper, heavier and more resistant.
  • The protective wooden casing contained a knife.
  • Lifetime factory warranty.


  • Japanese kitchen knives made to measure The Deba knife is not made of stainless steel. Care and maintenance must therefore be provided. I strongly recommend storing Tsubaki oil dry between use and use, before storing it for a long time.


It would be very dangerous for anyone to make a move in the tiger fairy tale. I don’t want to scare you instead of understanding how serious it is to handle Deba’s best Japanese knife. If you’re a professional or if you want a fish or meat fillet as a professional, believe me, this Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Blue Deba Steel Shitan Rosewood   misses just knife will rock you!

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