Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal AUS10 Knife Review

Finding the right chef’s knife is quite a challenge. There are too many mediocre products on the market – and because of the cost-effectiveness of cheaper products, most customers opt for non-standard knives.

In fact, nothing beats a real Japanese knife to make life easier. Not only is it equipped with all the functions needed for professional cutting, grinding and glazing, but it is also a long-term investment.

It is not for nothing that Japanese knives are a popular kitchen accessory. The Japanese consider their food and kitchen appliances to be sacred. The same principle is also reflected in their products. Some of the best Japanese knives are known for their high quality assembly and their razor sharp edge.

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All Japanese knives have a razor blade to cut and thread with. When it comes to cutting paper to prepare restaurant-quality meals, no other kitchen accessory offers the chef the highest level of precision than the Zelite Infinity 8 knife.

The Chef’s 8-inch Celite Infinity knife offers the perfect combination of affordability and high craftsmanship for good cooking. The magazine has received rave reviews from both professional and amateur chefs for its unique design that provides a comfortable grip.

Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal AUS10 Knife Characteristics

  • 8 inch cutting knife made of high quality Japanese steel
  • Ensures minimum shear strength
  • It has a beautiful Damascus Tsunami rose.
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Impressive triple rivets with rounded handles
  • Ergonomic design features
  • Provides a safe and comfortable grip for perfect balance
  • 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee

Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal AUS10 Knife benefits

The sharpened blade is made of high-grade stainless carbon steel and VG-10 Super, a high-grade Japanese steel. As the edge bends towards the tip, it maintains a constant swing for faster surgery.

Now you’re creative with your recipes and techniques. The knife is built to stay sharp for a long time.

Thanks to the innovative curing process with liquid nitrogen, the edge is robust and non-stick. There’s no food stuck to the knife. Thanks to its high-quality construction, your knife leaves no stains or corrosion.

Another essential part of this incredible knife is the sturdy handle. With its rounded shape and non-slip design, this model offers more safety and durability.

Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal AUS10 Knife Review

The knife is a valuable addition to your kitchen if you regularly eat and organize events. The ergonomic design ensures that you don’t get tired of your wrist. Chief Zelit Infinity’s knife weighs only 8 ounces.

The product was developed by Zelite, a family business. In order to be able to supply the best kitchen appliances to a wide range of customers, the brand develops first-class accessories.

This is one of the safest Japanese kitchen knives. Due to its construction and weight, you are less sensitive to injuries or cuts.

The knife offers a perfect balance between availability and functionality.

With 67 layers of damask you get a nice kitchen accessory that glides easily over meat, fruit and vegetables.

It is an elegant and amazing knife that distinguishes itself by its ergonomic design. As an affordable option, it is one of the most popular kitchen accessories of our time. The blade is made of a surprisingly strong steel, which does not lose its sharpness even after long use.


  • Ergonomic round handle
  • Elegant damask pattern
  • Liquid nitrogen extinguished steel
  • A lifetime warranty is given
  • Stainless steel and corrosion resistance
  • Complex model of Damascus


  • The cutting edge may need to be sharpened regularly.
  • It may be necessary to grind before first use.

What other buyers say

Consumers who have bought the Zelite Infinity Chef’s Knife are in love with the incredible 8-ounce, 12-degree razor. The mirror-polished cutting angle provides maximum safety and unsurpassed sharpness for an easy cut.

The Tatis is a brilliantly designed cook’s knife that is popular in thousands of kitchens and professional kitchens around the world. The Japanese blade is known for the ruthless sharpness and cutting power of the Ninja.

Most customers have given positive feedback and strongly recommend this product. It has excellent resistance and is not susceptible to corrosion. Make sure you wash and hold it by hand to get the most out of your purchase.

Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal AUS10 Knife Purchasing tips

An effective Japanese knife gives you the best chance for the dollar and is very popular with both domestic and professional chefs. The kitchen knife is the ideal accessory to speed up cooking.

It is one of the most popular kitchen knives used professionally to cut vegetables, fruit and meat.


The Zelite Infinity 8 knife offers everything you would expect from a first class Japanese knife. It has a beautiful design and a sharp razor blade that allows you to easily perform all your grinding, cutting and slicing tasks.

Surprise your guests with a professional and visually impressive Japanese kitchen knife. It offers excellent performance and is a valuable addition to any modern kitchen.

This knife is known for its minimal cut, reliable handle and blade made of high quality VG10 super steel, as well as for its 67 layers of high carbon stainless steel. The complex damask pink pattern enhances its hypnotic beauty. This guarantees long-term performance because liquid nitrogen is released.

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